26 May 2020

Save the neighbour by buying drinks

When lockdown happened, Neuadd Ogwen closed. It had to! And we're already two months in. No sign yet of when it can re-open. But it's a multipurpose building; it does film and theatre and yoga and gigs and market and whatnot, but it also has a bar. And the stock was sitting there, gathering dust. And I suppose they now decided it could be any time before they could re-open, and there was little point in waiting until their stock would reach its 'best before' date. And it's foodstuffs, so you can sell them! So they did a usual friday-from-four-to-six thing. Not on the parking lot this time, but from their own premises. I ordered six regional beers. At then end of the day they advertised what was still available, and then I ordered some alcohol-free beers too. These hadn't shifted so well! But they're quite up my street. I'm now such a lightweight I rarely manage an entire pint (of alcohol-containing beer) in a day. And it's the alcohol; not the volume of fluid. With hot water I can drink almost anyone under the table! So now I'll have a good stock of beer I can just glugg away, and Neuadd Ogwen has money, rather than perishables. And then everybody wins!

Most of my regional beers

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