23 May 2020

Welsh presentation on repeat

Jenny will kick me in the bum until I have all the Welsh qualifications that are out there. I can't currently go up for my 'Tystysgryf Sgiliau Iaith', due to the pandemic situation, so she moved her focus; since me getting my 'Welsh in the workplace' level 6 they had invented level 7. And quite unlike the authority that deals with the TSI, they believe in exam conditions at home, so these qualifications are still handed out. So she figured I should do that! And I was fine with that. It had to be done a bit differently from normal; it would involve a written component which I would evidently have to do at home. They would just open an assignment for me and I would have to complete it within one and a half hour. I assume they figure that won't be enough time to cheat considerably!

The other components is talking to people. In normal times, that would be some in person, and some on the phone; now all that was via Teams, of course. So I had a chat with a colleague, one with a lady form Welsh class who works at university too, and one with a tutor. And then I needed to do a presentation with Q&A session. And I had, of course, already done something like that for the aforementioned Tystysgryf. And Jenny figured she may be able to recycle that! I figured I would use the same slideshow but present it to a different audience. I got ready for that.

When the day came, it turned out they had already seen the slides; Jenny had access to them, and sent them around. So they didn't want me to present them again. All I had to do was answer questions! That meant I wasn't prepared in the best way but hey ho. I think it went OK! It's always easier to do a presentation; then you know what you want to say so you can make sure you know all the vocabulary involved. If people ask questions you have no idea what these will be about. They may steer the conversation in a direction you never saw coming!

Now I need to do one more conversation and the written exam; then all I can do is wait for the results!

Slide from the presentation

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