07 May 2020

Grow mushrooms (and some more veg)

When I one day went to the local shop and there were no mushrooms, I was a bit disappointed. I like mushrooms! I think they're a vegetarian's friend as they give a nice earthy taste to dishes that otherwise could be a bit too vegetable-ish. I know some vegetarians don't like mushrooms but I'm certainly not one of them. But if lockdown might mean I couldn't buy them anymore I needed to think of something else! And I might have been a bit pessimistic, as there is another shop in town (which I have also seen having run out of mushrooms, though) and there is also the farm shop (which tends to stock mushrooms too). But I like the idea of growing my own stuff anyway, so I decided to extend that to mushrooms. So I ordered two grow-your-own sets! And it took a while for them to get to me, probably due to lockdown-type home delivery waiting lists, but they go there.

I looked them up and down. What to do with this? Then I saw some instructions on the side and followed these up for the one set. I figured I'd do one at the time! Only after I had done that I noticed there were more detailed instructions inside. Oh dear. They were structurally different. Oh well; we'll see if this works. I put the whole thing in the conservatory; it seems to need warmth to get started. And once that's done I'll move it to either kitchen or storage space! Nice and cool and dark and rather constant in temperature. Let's hope I haven't buggered it up now. I think not; I expect mushrooms to not be too picky about their circumstances.

My acquisitions

In the meantime, quite a lot of my carrots and most of my cabbages have come up! So more success. There is still no sign of leek and only a weep-worthy amount of spinach. And not much progress yet on the aubergine front but that might just take a while. No sign of actual food yet but progress is made! I have faith that I will manage to grow at least a few meals' worth of food this season...

Spinach on the top shelf, carrots in the middle and cabbage on the lowest shelf

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