10 May 2020

Preparing for post-lockdown

We've been in lockdown now for six weeks. I thought that would feel like an eternity! And it somehow does, while also feeling like five minutes. But however long it feels: it will end one day. And we don't know yet what will take its place. Not the situation as it was before; that much is clear. We can make some educated guesses based on what other countries are doing. And several countries are going the face mask way. We very well might too! And I don't expect that to be medical grade masks; there's not enough of these going around for actual medical personnel. I expect that improvised masks will do. And I had decided I could turn handkerchiefs into face masks. But I also decided to buy a custom-made one. A local lady makes them and it's nice to support the local economy! So now I have the ultimate 2020 look. If they make these things compulsory I have something to start with!

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