01 June 2020

Welsh exam at home

What the students had to do, I had to do! I keep myself in permanent education through Welsh. And that involves exams. And the qualification I was going up for, Welsh in the Workplace 7, included one. I couldn't sit it on campus, but the university was OK for me to sit it at home. I had already had (and recorded) several conversations, and answered questions to my presentation. Now it was time for the written part. And after that, only one conversation was still to come. And then I could find out if I'd passed!

The procedure was: I would be ready at home, and get sent a document at 10AM, with the tasks. I could use dictionaries and the online language checker and whatnot. I would have access to that if I would be using Welsh in the actual workplace! So that was OK. And then at 11:30 I had to send it back.

The written exam had four parts: write an email to thank a colleague about what they had done for an Open Day, translate an announcement about a seminar series into Welsh, respond to an official letter, and correct a text with a given number of mistakes in. The email was easy as I do that sort of stuff regularly; the official letter was sort of OK, the announcement was a bit hard not to translate word for word (which is not the intention) because the sentences given would have the same structure in Welsh unless you would really change them, and I always find finding the mistakes difficult. We'll see how I've done!

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