06 May 2020

Bread baking goes on

I always bought all my bread baking ingredients in the local food co-op. But that’s been closed for weeks! And as explained before, you can’t get flour in the local shops. The local (closed) pizza place came to the flour rescue. And a week after they sold their stock, they were back to sell flour especially ordered! They could get 35 kg bags from their suppliers, and just sell it on per kilo. And this time they had wholemeal! So my flour stock was fine again for the foreseeable future.

I tend to also put sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and wheat grains in, and sometimes poppy seed. All of that from the food coop. But now I’ve ordered what I could online. And it arrived! So now I have more sunflower seeds, wheat grains and poppy seeds than you can shake a stick at. Unfortunately no pumpkin seeds. But I’ll manage without. I’ll have my usual grainy bread now! I expect the situation to have already changed quite a bit by the time this stash runs out...

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