04 May 2020

Buddleia: 0, view: 1

There is a buddleia growing in front of my conservatory. It does what buddleias do, and grows like the clappers. And that means I don't have a view into the garden from the conservatory. And I think conservatories are for views! I had been cutting it back every five minutes (at least it felt like that) every spring and summer. And I decided I was going to be rigorous now. I didn't take my secateurs; I took the saw. And sawed off whatever I could reach! And now I have a view again! And I've grown my compost heap. And I have a tiny bit of firewood. Success!

I know insects like these shrubs, and I know I have been at loggerheads with them before, but there still is the huge one next to my bins, and the sizeable one next to where I park. I'm sure the insects will know where to find these!

Not much of a view! 
Work in progress


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