14 May 2020

New culinary adventures

If you spend every day at home you can do some cooking! And when you are supposed to only shop once a week you are sometimes left with some unlikely foodstuffs to cook up. So this is the time for some experimentation! I had already tried pizza, with very satisfactory results. The next experiment was mackerel chowder. I don’t normally eat that! I eat vegetarian. But our lovely parking lot, where I have been buying flour and dairy, hosts a local fisherman who sells his wares, and I wanted to support that. So one day I went and bought some smoked mackerel. But what to do with it? I had some on bread. Nice! And the rest went into an experiment: mackerel chowder. I had never made anything like it! And it was open for improvement; the potatoes were a bit hard and I should have put all the mackerel in for more taste. I'll go back for more one of these days! And then try again.

Another experiment was: aubergine curry. I had an aubergine and decided to go adventurous! I found an easy recipe and it was great. That's a keeper too! I don't tend to bother with Indian-style food as it's too complicated and often requires a lot of spices, but this recipe was a doddle. What's next? I'm enjoying this!

Aubergine curry!

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