02 October 2019

Progress in the bedroom

I had made a big start on getting the top bedroom (to be changed into office) ready for painting. But then Laugharne happened, and Welcome Week, and the start of term, and things fell silent again. It's not a big problem; I can just close the door and not see the mess. But it was a rainy weekend and I figured I could spend some time on it again. And so I did!

I pulled all remaining wallpaper off from strips I had started on. And decided that the rest could stay! There was a radiator in the way; no way that I could rip it all off around it. And I don't want to have to remove it. So all wallpaper in strips that are partially covered by the radiator can stay. I'll use filler to hide the seam! And I washed the remaining glue off the wall. And I had a prod at what looked like badly performed filler jobs. That needed redoing! I prodded at the wall and everything that fell out too easily was removed.

And then it was time for filler. I had some Polyfilla left over from before! And a whole new tube. I wanted to do the drillholes with Polyfilla as it's easy to fill them with a tube, as you can squirt the stuff straight in. I also wanted to do the big gaps with it as it's stronger than powder filler. And then the rest with powder filler. But the holes were so big! They ate the entire tube in no time. I'll have to buy more. But it has started! And then soon I'll be able to paint the first wall. I'll start at the wall with the window and work my way around. It's moving! And I already have a marvellous cupboard, and a swept ventilation canal (I did call that chimney sweep). That needs a new cover but that shouldn't be too bad! New office, here I come!

Wallpaper gone!

Most wallpaper here gone too! And what's left can stay. 

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