01 October 2019

Be disorganised but fit

Lecturing can sometimes lead to a lot of cycling! But there should be a limit to it. Recently I had a lecture in Bangor at 12, so I biked to Menai Bridge in the morning. Then I biked to Bangor to be there at 12, and then back. And then I looked at the schedule of lectures in that module. And I saw that Jaco had suggested a swap. I had thought it was a good idea but we never had really discussed it. So I hadn't had the timetable changed! So this hadn't shown up in my diary. But did Jaco expect me to teach now? I quickly called his mobile, but he didn't answer. Shit! I had to just go. But I had only just got in really, and I was hungry and thirsty and the last thing I wanted was biking back to Bangor. But I did!

When I got to the lecture room I found Jaco. He had completely forgot he had suggested the swap! So art least I didn't have to lecture unprepared. I just sat in his lecture and ate my sarnies. I just hoped my by then quite potent body odour (it was a stuffy day) didn't offend anyone. And after the lecture I didn't want to bike back to Menai Bridge anymore. I found me a Bangor computer and worked on that for the rest of the day! I had had enough exercise that day...

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