04 October 2019

Ogwen River Festival

On a Saturday I stepped out of the house to go to the shop, but bumped into the neighbour (and his dog). They turned out to be heading for the park on the other side of the river: it was Ogwen River Festival. I had sort of noticed there was such a thing but I hadn't clocked it was then. So I did my shop run and then went to have a look. And the woods are quite lovely anyway! But now they were extra special. There were works of art and craft dangling in the trees, and there were unusually dressed people about. It was all rather low key! But nice.

I was just admiring one piece of art when I saw that there were belly dancers about to start. The art could wait! And it was quite cool. These ladies were not flawless but it was lovely to watch! And their choice of music was eclectic. When they were done, though, I decided I had seen enough. Quite a nice distraction from chores though! I should pay more attention next year...

The festival went with the times

Waste art

Belly dancers
The woods as they normally are: quite magical too!

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