17 January 2019

Getting ready for painter

The painter will just walk in and start painting! I sort of figured. But not quite. I realised I had better prepare. And that meant: fill all the holes and gaps and cracks caused by either the electrician, or screws, or the house sagging a bit. And clean the paint that needs painting over. And such things! It is more work than I thought. Some of the bigger holes can't be filled in one go! And the filler needs to dry in between sessions. And sometimes you have to remove the excess filler. And once you've made the filler you have to finish it; otherwise it just hardens and you have to chuck it. So I make small batches! It took the whole weekend to do most of the work. And then I realised I still had to deal with two skirting boards. And a mirror. And a renegade beam. And the staircase (had forgot to check that). But the painter is delayed and I have yet another weekend. I think I can be ready for him!

My paint tub hasn't seen paint use yet but here it does a job

Where the electric heater used to be

The back wall of the landing; there had been shelves there, and probably a lot more

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