05 October 2019

Start work on the kitchen - badly

When I had finished pulling wallpaper in the upstairs room I had a bucket of water and a sponge without a use. Or did I? I brought it to the kitchen to dispose of but decided maybe I shouldn't. The kitchen, after all, now was the last room left with wallpaper I wanted to get rid of! Should I make a start? Maybe that corner above the kettles? I gave it a go.

That wasn't a good idea. I could have known that wall was new! So I pulled the wallpaper straight off the plasterboard. Oh dear. The outside of plasterboard is cardboard. You can't pull well-glued wallpaper off that without damaging it! So now I have a wall that's not mint green and unpleasantly textured anymore, but which hasn't really improved anyway. I'll have to try and plaster it myself! Would be a useful skill to practice. It doesn't have to be tidy. So I'll have to buy a trowel and plaster and some PVA as I need to treat the surface first. And then we'll see! Plastering seems to be very difficult, but there's not much at stake. If you do the electricity yourself and it goes wrong you electrocute yourself or burn the house down. If you get the plastering wrong your wall looks silly! So I'll give it a go. Better, I think, than trying to get the actual plasterer in for just some 1.5 m2 or so...

The tortured wall! Notice the clever distraction with the calendar. 

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