25 October 2019

Collaboration with the commercial world: a year later

Just over a year ago I had ended up in a collaboration with a commercial company nearby. And even though we were a bit late, we had offered a MSc project that involved foraminifera. And it was taken up! We had a student on it. Soon I was off to take recce samples. And later we tried to get proper ones! That didn't go so well but then the student went on another cruise without me.

Did it all work out? We don't quite know yet; the student was given a rather long extension and he hasn't submitted his thesis yet at the time I write this. But at least we have some samples and some idea what is in them and what the pros and cons of the various vessels and sampling methods are. So we have learned something!

Was the company disheartened that it all took a bit longer than hoped? Clearly not! We met up again, and they are not only happy to give it another go, but they are happy to give it several! And not only at MSc level! We agreed my colleague Katrien would lead on a PhD project (we could only get something together that was based on her field of expertise rather than mine) and that both Katrien and I would try to get a collaborative project for an MSc going. There seem to be five students in need of projects so we might get one each! Let's hope so...

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