06 October 2019

National College Wales

I'm a member now! They didn't ask any questions. Well, that's not true. They were clearly checking if I really was a Bangor University employee! But other than asking the questions in Welsh, there was no Welsh language check. I suppose that people who don't speak Welsh don't want to be a member of this college.

So what is it? And why did I become I a member?

Y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol (as it's really called) is an institute that promotes education in Welsh, basically. So they encourage students to do (some of) their education in Welsh, they encourage universities to facilitate that, they develop modules, etc etc. They're not a separate body; they just have branches in all Welsh universities. My colleague Dei is, of course, a member.

I have recently changed my listing on the Bangor University HR website as able to teach in Welsh. And I want to! When the circumstances are right. But then I had better be a member of the CCC. And as well, once you're a member of the CCC you can do more language qualifications. And I'm always aiming for more Welsh qualifications! So so far my life hasn't quite changed yet from becoming a member, but I am signed up for an external qualification! More about that in another post, though...

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Documentation from CCC. Left: nr of students that took at least 5 credits in Welsh, right: nr of students that took at least 40 credits in Welsh, through time. An academic year, btw, is 120 credits. Old data; I wonder what things look like now!

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