11 October 2019

More eco-friendly lifestyle changes

I do my best to avoid plastic packaging! With food shopping that is quite doable; the Londis sells quite some vegetables packaging-free, and Waitrose isn't bad either. And we may have lost the bring-your-own-tupperwares shop, but we still have the package-things-in-potato-starch shop. And I had made my period waste-free. But my dental hygiene was still dominated by 20th century materials. Plastic toothbrush, toothpaste in plastic, floss in plastic. It was time to address that too! So at some point I ordered a bit of a starter package: bamboo toothbrush, glass jar of toothpaste, floss in a lot less plastic than my usual stuff. And now I need to try it out! I ordered the children's toothbrush as I like my brush heads small. I have all my wisdom teeth and I find that if you try to clean these with too big a brush, you end up retching.

So how do I like it?
The toothpaste tasted OK and did the job but it didn't have fluoride in. (It also failed entirely to foam; that is unfortunate.) And I want the fluoride. I like my teeth! So I didn't order more (it had been a very small jar) but instead got me toothpaste tablets in a tin. They had fluoride! And they were OK. Still not as foamy as traditional toothpaste but good enough. The toothbrush was fine too; the handle was a bit short (it being a children's model) but that is a discomfort I can live with. And I like my floss wide (more ribbon than string) but that too is a discomfort I can live with. So I don't think I'll be looking back here either. This won't be waste-free but a lot more waste-low!

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