06 May 2019

Two dig nights in a row

The last time  we had two night in the dig in a row had been in October! But the time had come again. I had been timetabled until six and that made ThursdayNighting a bit complicated. We meet at 18:15! No way I could make that. And in theory I could rock up later and just find them but they hadn't told me, or announced publicly, what they would do until the Thursday itself. By that time I was committed to digging! In a way not so logical; the dig is a lot further away than where the ThursdayNighters were. Oh well.

Due to the late teaching I only got into the dig at half past seven. Miles was already there, clearing the entrance. That's the bit that often gets put at the bottom of the to do list so I was glad he was at it now! But now I was there too we were ready to go up. There I did a bit of uncomfortable crowbarring (surprisingly) but the Miles offered to have a go. And he swapped to lump hammer. And was amazingly effective with it! We managed to get lots of slabs out, and some blocks that had been leaning on the slabs. Not a long night in the dig but the most effective one we've had in months! And we have an idea of how to proceed. Time, I suppose, to bring explosives in again. We know what rocks to target; they are big enough to take a charge. And positioned such you can probably get the drill in position. And they're perched such that you can't crowbar them out of the way without dropping them on your head. I know we can still be stuck in this difficult part of the dig for a bit but it's nice to at least have an idea of how to proceed!

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