30 May 2019

Pannier rack - attempt number two

Having had a pannier rack for a few days made me realise it's actually quite nice. I figured I should make a move in getting a permanent one! So I hit eBay and found another one. It arrived in a few days; just before I would fly to the Netherlands. I mounted it while Lien was reading something. It fit perfectly! That holds for both the rack and the bags. And the seller was very pleasant! And as I had already made the effort of finding lugs and bolts and nuts (and sawing some bolts to size) for the old rack, I had everything ready this time. Mounting it was pretty much a doddle.

Now I bike to work with my stuff in the bag. It's nice! It feels better (less sweaty), and if my bag is a bit heavy, and I would feel that on the saddle if I would have it on my back, I am fine! All good!

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