23 October 2018

Dig made safer

A long time ago Miles had used a bit too much explosives to make the passage wider (I think this time) and it had taken a bit of work to make everything safe again. But there were still cracks that slowly opened and there was one I was worried about. We hadn't got around to doing something about it but we couldn't postpone it forever! So this week we sorted it.

I arrived a bit late (teaching) but found Miles down there with all the tools and things. Almost. He knew there were bolts in the dig so he hadn't brought many of these. But where were they? In the end I found them at the top in the end and we could proceed. Miles had a bit of a job finding a spot with good enough rock to bolt the scaff bar into the wall. Or make the rock good enough by removing the flaky bits. But in the end he managed to fit the bar in a very reassuring way! I feel better now.

With all that we didn't actually end up digging. We cleared up the entrance a bit! And had a tea break; I was hungry. But now the dig is ready for another good session!

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