07 May 2019

Term ended!

I've been posting a lot about making it to Easter and such things! But now term is actually over. And the exam period is next. Technically speaking, it's already exam period for some of us (master students and staff) as the master students have their exams already, before the undergraduates. But after this week we don't have timetabled contact hours anymore. This week I only had student presentations, but these lasted from 12:30 to 17:30 so that was quite a slab of time. And it went rather well! I hope, though, one day we can have a whole such session without a single student reading from notes. But that time has not yet come. Now I have to first try to get my marking out of the way (two exams, big pile of dissertations) and then I can prepare for next year! There is a lot to do...

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