29 April 2019

Digging again

The last time I blogged about digging was in October! We have been working on the project since, but not very often, and it became difficult to write about it. We are rather stuck in a difficult patch and progress is slow! So I risk writing 'we were uncomfortably crowbarring rocks for a while and made incremental progress' every time. That's not very engaging! But we went again, after months of not doing so, and I thought it was at least worth mentioning it. And guess what! We were uncomfortably crowbarring rocks for a while and made incremental progress.

It was a slightly more social event than normal; the ThursdayNighters would continue their project in the mine across the river. And we gathered at the same time! And Miles is a sociable chap so he offered anyone who wanted it a lift up, and that meant waiting until everyone was ready. That tends to be a faffy process with the ThursdayNighters. In the end not many actually accepted the lift, but Mick did and that's good as his physical state is worrying. And then we each went our own ways! 

Will we be back soon? I don't know! I am timetabled until rather late the week after, but after that work shouldn't really get in the way very much anymore. Then there is me ThursdayNighting; that won't stop. And then there's Miles; he's busy with his own work, and he sometimes has some health issues that get in the way. I hope that will be resolved!  So we will have to see! I can do with a breakthrough... it's been a while!

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