23 May 2019

Visit to the Netherlands

It was time to pop by in the Netherlands again. And there was a family reunion coming up; I decided to let that decide on the exact date. And this reunion was booked for the 19th so mid May it was.

It would be an unusual visit; normally, my mother is the centre of it, but this time, it was different (more about that later). I did first visit her, but then visited Roelof, the entire family, my dad, Monique, and my sister's family in succession without stopping by at her place. But I ended up there the day before I would fly back.

On the Saturday I ended up picnicking with Roelof and Micha at the shores of the Amstel. I was warm in my summery dress! And on our for our family day, which was hosted by my cousin Bart, who lives at walking distance from the coastal dunes, we went to the beach. There it was cold, windy and foggy. No summer dresses there! It was good to see the bulk of the family again, though. And it was nice to see where Bart lived (with his family); I don't think I ever visited him at home since he moved out of the parental house. And when we were done with the cold beach we just went to drink some hot chololate somewhere.

With Monique I went for a long walk. That was great! But I was dressed a bit too hot. I got all sweaty! It was a difficult week to get it right. Then I also hit the moorland with my sister, later that day. And then it was back to my mum. And do Welsh exercises at the living room table!

Then it was time to go back. It had been good. But now time to enjoy Wales again! And get back to sorting out dissertation marking, given that I'm responsible for the overall process...

Goslings visiting our picnic

Walking the breakwater on the family day

Monique and I found a mysterious watch tower 

Sunny Amersfoort

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