02 May 2019

Lots of picture progress

The picture process is one that is taking months. Framing pictures is a lot of work! And when term is still hectic, there's not even time to pick out pictures to have printed. So the last round was less than a month ago. But I had ordered more pictures and they had arrived! A lot of them were David's. He takes lovely underground pics! And I had time during the weekend to do something with them. I did another massive session of framing them! And I had rented a drill (my own broke while building the shed) so I could actually hang them too. Great progress! And I suppose I will forever be tinkering with the results; in some places, the frames are a bit badly coordinated, and I may hunt down some better-fitting ones. And I may sometimes decide some location needs a different picture. Or I take new ones I want to put up and an old one has to go. But it's nice if the main spaces that need a picture have one.

I still have the staircase to do. And that will be logistically difficult! With balancing on ladders and such. But that will be a next phase still!

Finally, pics above the sofa!

Pic above the fireplace. It's a lovely pic (believe me) but I'm not quite happy yet. But the screw is in the wall and I can hang something else when I have it! 

More framed pics lying ready to be used

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