21 April 2019

Made it to Easter

This would be a busy academic year. I had my usual teaching, and then three new modules on top. And I had to organise a series of Open Days. So I knew I would have to run on all cylinders! I got through the first semester. That ended in a lot of marking. I paused that when I went to the Netherlands, but there I fell ill. When I got back and felt better I had to go back to marking. I didn't get much time off that way! And when the marking was done the second semester hit. And it hit hard. I knew it would! I was always just ahead of things. I prefer preparing for things (lectures, practicals, whatnot) a week in advance, if not more. But I rarely prepared for things further ahead than the next day. I managed to keep all the plates in the air, but ideally I would have had a look at these plates, see if they needed repair or replacement, or maybe I needed to work with balls or poi or whatnot instead. No time for that!

When the student presentations had been I knew the pressure was off. I had a few good days with Monique! But I still had a big pile of marking. I managed to finish that before the University closed for Easter. And I finished the first draft of my 'Lecturer 2 form'. And then I saw Jenny in the pub. I was very tired but satisfied; I would now just go home and have a few days off! And I wouldn't think too much of work for a while! I had been looking forward to this. A lot! And now I had got there!

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