19 May 2018

Dissertation marking

It's that time of the year again! When you get a plethora of BSc dissertations to mark. It's a lot of work, but it's fun! Like last year, I was everybody's second marker. As when the dissertation students had picked their topic, my contract had been too short to get any. By the time I was hired permanently everyone was already getting on with it. I tried to steal some from Dei as he had many, and he does the sort of physical topics I would too, but paradoxically he was too busy to hand me any. I ended up with one student of my own, who had requested a different supervisor, but he had medical issues and extensions and had thus not submitted with the rest.

Last year I got a physical pile of work on my desk, but this year we're being all modern and environmentally-friendly and all is digital. I have no actual pile! But quite a lot of work, again. And I'll be reading about all kinds of topics I don't normally read about! I might even do some of that at home...

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