07 February 2019

The first new curtains

Just after Christmas I had started using the landing as an improvised living room. The floor was done, the ceiling was plastered, there was a stove. And I put up some netting to reduce the shop window feel a bit. And it was sort of snug! But the walls were bare plaster, and I didn't want to put curtains up until the painter had come and gone. So really really snug it wasn't. And then the painter came and went. And I cleaned the floor again. And then it was much better! And then I put a curtain rod back up, and bought a new set of curtains! And now it looks great. And I haven't put up any shelving, and I have little furniture in there, and I haven't sorted mood lighting, but now with paint and curtains and cupboard it is starting to look really snug. I have a living room attempt! And I like it!

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