28 February 2019

Last climate lecture

I know the blog makes it sound like I am only working on the house! But that's not true. The last week, for instance, I had two lectures in my first year module, one tutorial in my second year module, one tutorial in my second year module, a meeting about plagiarism, a OneDrive training session, two two-hour statistics practicals and one session in which I got my head around that statistics practical. And then three lectures in my fourth year climate module. And, unlike the other things I mentioned, these were the last! So after this week I still have the tutorials and the first year lectures, and whatever comes at me with regard to meetings and such, but no more lectures in that module. That will give me some space to breathe! And the last classic lecture was about the Paris Climate Agreement. And that's policy, and international relations, so not easy to lecture about if you are a scientist, but it is very interesting. And next week I will have time to write the exam! Quite a luxury, to not have to submit that before you have actually done the teaching...

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