18 February 2019

New bike light: all the difference

When the days get shorter my bike commute gets less pleasant. The ride back through the dark is just not quite as pleasant as riding through the lovely sunlit landscape. And I have to pay a lot of attention; my light was good enough to see where I go but, to be honest, only just. I decided to upgrade. I bought a fairly pricey light and tried it out on the next Tuesday night. And blimey that was every penny well-spent! The biking gets about as relaxing as in daylight. It can really see where I am going! And that makes it a lot easier to avoid the sticks all the dogs like to leave on the path. And you don't have to be so awfully alert. You can see what's ahead!

I also saw things I hadn't been seeing before. Maybe even though they were there! Before Tregarth I sped past a frog (I figured he'd be fine) and then saw a tiny lizard trundle through Tregarth itself. It looked like this little thing would never manage to get off the path before he would get trampled. The bit in the village gets more footfall at night than the rest! It had such little legs. And I can't imagine a lizard is at its fastest in February at 9PM. I stopped and got him off the path.

Soon I won't be needing this light so much anymore; the days are getting quite long already! But I'm glad I bought it! Next winter I'll be ready...

The path lit by the old light as seen by my camera (believe me; I can see more than this)

The path lit by the new light as seen by my camera 

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