21 February 2019

Another sofa battle

I like having a sofa! You can sit on them sideways. And they can hold more than one guest. When I got rid of my old sofa I knew that one day I would have to get another one. And I also knew that would be hard. Sofas are big and I'm only one person! And well, my time in Bangor hadn't been my most sociable time anyway, but not having a functional living room for close to a year hadn't helped. There was nobody I could call on without feeling self-conscious about it!

When the day of the floor being laid approached I had popped by the Bangor second hand shop when I had been in town for teaching anyway. And they had a sofa that looked small enough! And I liked it. Would this be the one?

I decided I had to go back and measure it in detail. My doorway is really narrow, and the sofa would have to pivot around it. The only way I can figure out if that works is do it graphically! I measured up my doorway. And then tried to go back to do the measurements. But they weren't open at their official opening hour, and a nearby man said that was normal. It could take a while! I didn't have a while. I left.

I had hatched a plan. If I could establish by Thursday if it fit, I could ask one of the three (!) other SOS people who would be coming underground to help me along the way. It's barely a detour! I asked Ed and Kate, and Kate would travel via home so was out. But Ed was willing! Great! I biked back to the shop, measured it, put the measurements into a graphic programme, and decided it would fit if I could take the legs off. Great! I went to Ed's office. He had gone! I phoned him. No answer! Oh dear...

By the time I was ready to leave for the mining trip I received a text. From Ed! He had forgot all about me and had not been able to resist the good weather. He had gone up a mountain!

When we later all walked up the hill to the entrance I moaned about how my perfect plan had failed. Jason and David took that as a hint, and said that if I was stuck, I should ask them. I figured I wouldn't need that; I would ask Ed! But it was nice they said that. When I saw Ed he said he was fine with having another go the next day. If I would be out of the field early enough. Good!

In the field it looked unlikely I would be out on time. I contacted Ed again. It wasn't happening today! Was he around tomorrow? But he had already left town. And would stay away for days! Oh dear. I pondered this. I really need to work on my friend situation! But there is a bit of a chicken and egg issue here. I haven't invited people over for ages because I have no sofa (which is a simplification but quite close to the truth). And if you don't maintain your friendships you have nobody to move a sofa with. Catch 22! But I remembered Jason and David. David doesn't want to be in my house' he's quite clear bout that. I decided to contact Jason. And he was keen! I was saved!

The next day we met up at the shop and plonked the sofa into his van. Simple as that! And got it onto the house. Then we screwed off the legs. And tried to move it into the living room. And failed! Then we took down the door. And then it worked! We then tried to screw the legs back on in the proper way, and failed; somehow the screw holes just did't make sense. But we screwed the legs back on in some way. Good enough!

Then I showed Jason around in the house, and we had a cup of coffee in the garden. Jason liked it! And then we hung the door back and went for lunch. And by coincidence, Phil had suggested a swift half for that night. With my rather work-and-house-dominated months and low feelings about friends that was just what I needed! And Jason had missed the mails but liked the idea. But then it made more sense for him to get there from my place. So he agreed to stay for dinner! So we spent our time emptying out the storage space of which the painter would soon paint the floor, and then went food shopping. And we had a nice pasta meal. And then went to the pub! What a good end to a good day! It's great there are people like Jason. I hope he needs a hand moving stuff soon too. Or someone to cook him pasta!

And now I have a functional living room! It's still not quite finished, with its unpainted skirting boards, absence of lampshade, and absence of anything decorating the walls (not to mention absence of radiator), but I can now sit in it in comfort! Hurrah! And then I can invite people!

The sofa in the shop

How I figured out if, and how, it would fit. And while I was at it I also figured out my comfi chair in the kitchen wouldn't fit.

Sofa in the living room!

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