27 February 2019

Putting up pictures

When you have a room that has a ceiling, walls, and a floor, and even some furniture, it is pretty much done. But it still feels a bit empty. It wouldn't feel complete until I had things hanging from the wall!

Some walls and pictures are easy. If I can reach the wall, if it is far away from the walls I share with the neighbour and if I have a picture ready it is the easiest. I can drill a hole when I want, just standing on the floor, and hang the picture. Done! That way the hallway was done. And one picture in the bathroom.

Then there are the pictures in the wall I share with the neighbour. I don't want to drill them at silly hours! And those are the only hours I am actually in. Except for the weekend. So then I get one chance a week to do it.

Then there are the walls that are such I want a big picture up. I don't have many ready! So I have to make more. And I figured I could have a start with two frames Rose had left. What was in them was not really of interest to me; one was a piece of embroidery, and the other an old map of Lancashire. I figured maybe I could put some of my old maps I bought in Norway in them instead! And one night I managed the first. And I have three frames from the office that I have plans with. I bought A1 sheets of mounting card to adapt the print sizes I have to the frame sizes I have! And one day I'll have time for that.

The old map went above the stairs to the kitchen. I just about managed to drill the hole with the ladders from my platform (they started shifting already - oh dear) but I couldn't put the picture up unless I removed the ladders first. And then I couldn't reach! Luckily I bumped into the neighbour and he is considerably taller and he put the frame in position. Success!

The mounted map, and one to be mounted on the floor

The map all in place!

Then there are the pictures I want to hang up in the staircase. These are the hardest! You need long ladders for them. So I should make sure to first have some ready, and then borrow the neighbour's ladders once again. And then the hardest is done! And I can keep tinkering until in my eyes, it is all perfect.

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