02 February 2019

More painter prep

I wasn't quite sure what kind of prep the painter would do. It turned out he would fill holes too! But not necessarily all holes. I had been very active with filler before he started, but had not done the entire house. Some of that needed wallpaper stripping first! First things first. And of some things I wasn't sure what he would do. Take all wallpaper down? Only the wood chip? No idea! But when he started the colour bits he had been painting over things I thought needed a bit of filling. So when another weekend appeared I got back to my filler tub and made many of his beautiful walls ugly again! But as soon as he paints over that it will be extra beautiful. I look forward to it!

You can see where a crack runs in the wall, where the edge is of the plaster I pulled off due to (mild) water damage, and where a door opening used to be... and then some drill holes. 

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