20 May 2018

Small drama in the backyard

I was taking advantage of the fact that when it comes to marking, it doesn't matter where and what time you do it. So I started the week by marking two dissertations in the back garden! And all was well until I heard a person shout. It sounded like a dog owner trying to pursuade their dog to come back. I had a look; I saw a dog happily splashing through the river! It didn't seem inclined to heed its owner's shouts. It was having fun!

It didn't seem to like the rapids behind the house, so it walked around these, and got into the water on the other side. It's deep there! And this dog didn't look like a confident swimmer. Oh dear and such. But the rocks next to this deep bit are steep. The dog didn't manage to clamber out! And it seemed to think the best way to deal with the situation was to just stare plaintively at me. I got all wobbly in the knees!

The owner thought he was just being silly, but so consistently so, that she got resigned to having to get wet feet. She rolled up her trousers and waded after the dog. I had to point out where it was; it was hidden from view from most angles other than mine. But she got to him, and unceremoniously lugged him out. Happy ending!

They did a bit of warming up in the sun on the rock, and then they were on their way. Maybe that dog has learned something...

Find the dog! Zooming in required.

Happy end!

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