26 May 2018

Litter pick on the river bank

One of the perks of this house is its view on the river! But if you look too closely, it doesn't look all too pretty. There’s a lot of litter there! And one fine evening I decided to cut away some brambles to make a passage down, and go down with a big bucket to pick any litter in sight.

The bucket was full soon! But luckily,  by then all accessible litter in sight was gone. I had removed an entire laundry drying rack as well. There's a bike in the river too, but this time I restricted myself to the river bank.

A lot of the litter was recyclable! Lots of plastic bottles. I' sure the next flood will bring a next batch of litter, but for now the place looks quite good!

 Lookin gup to the garden, and looking downstream from the river bank

 The loot, and the litter-free section

 The laundry rack I recovered

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