02 May 2018

Rental house out of my hands

I moved out of the house in Menai Bridge in early April. I knew I would have to pay rent until the 27th! But I just wanted to live in the house in Bethesda. Then it took me a while to get rid of the sofa. Once that was sorted I could have just given back the key. I didn't, though; my sister had mentioned her kids (or at least one) wanted to see the old house. Well, that requires keys!

When my sister showed up, though, enthusiasm for the old house seems to have waned. So I just drove up on my own. There was a painter working on it. He had been hired by the landlord; I can imagine he had seized the opportunity to get the place done up before someone else could move in. I did think it was a bit cheeky he hadn't discussed it with me; firstly, I was still the tenant until the 27th, and secondly, painters require heating and electricity and I am paying for that. I don't think the painter is going to paint me poor but it's the principle.

With the painter busy the going around with the estate agent went rather quick; soon he had OK'd the state I had left it in. I gave the keys back, signed his form, and off I was! A homeowner only; not a tenant anymore! And the one house keeps me busy enough...

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