14 May 2018

Digging update

I like these digging nights when you start by clearing out the rubble from a previous blast! And this was one of them. The rock we had blown up was comprehensively gone. It was easy to clear the rubble out! And there was more rubble behind it that was clearable as well. But it did come to an end. We had to go and drill again! And so we did. A bit strained as you can't really get into a comfortable position, but well, we got there. Miles even attacked some of what now is the floor in the top of the dig. That should make the passage a bit wider!

Loading the holes was a bit hard as we had run out of functioning resin nozzles. We improvised a bit! And next week we'll see if it has worked.

If all goes exactly like we want it to, we will be able to then attack a pile of flaky rock from the top. I had been digging straight ahead, under that rock, but we should ideally follow the ceiling. And that requires that stuff to go. It's hard to do that from below (risk) of the front (drill it and it splits) but from the top could work! Stay tuned!

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