05 September 2020

Bank holiday camping trip

Summer is rapidly vanishing! I could see the end of august approaching. And apart from my trip to the Netherlands, I hadn’t taken any time out of work. I figured I needed to make the most of the bank holiday weekend. It was forecast to have good weather! So I should get my tent out of the mothballs. It hadn't had any action since Easter! About time. And I figured I needed a break after all the dissertation stuff. 

I was pondering where to go. And after a while I decided I would just have another attempt at getting to Llwytmor Bach. My first attempt had had to be aborted! And my plan was: walk to the valley made by the river that forms Aber Falls, pitch up there, then if time permit, walk up the Llwytmors (there are two) before dinner. If it wouldn't work I could just scale them in the morning before walking back! And to keep things interesting I would make the walk in and out quite different. And so I did! So on a sunny Sunday morning (the Saturday had less good weather) I set off. I walked past Bryn Hafod y Wern, past y Gyrn, and then over the path to Afon Rhaeadr Bach, and then bushwhacking into Cwm Afon Goch. And then pitch up! And it all went well. I got there in a few hours. I barely saw anyone! I saw two walkers on a different path and three mountain bikers on the other hillside. Not bad for a sunny bank holiday weekend in a period in which holidays within the country are very popular! 

The valley looked amazing. Such a pleasure to sleep there! I found a nice spot, right by the river, and with some big rocks to lean against. Perfect! 

When I had pitched my tent and left the stuff I wouldn't need, and then set off to climb the Llwytmors. That was all bushwhacking but that's OK. I got to Llwytmor Bach. Nice views from there! And then I went onwards to Llwytmor proper. More nice views! The top of the valley was gorgeous. And then it was time to walk down again. I walked back to the river and followed it, looking for a place to cross. And saw two more walkers! And I found a plane engine. Lots of planes have crashed in Snowdonia; this must have been another one! I hope the pilot got out in time. 

I found a place to cross and got back to the tent. Now it was almost five! And I was pleasantly tired. So I first had a bath in the river, and then sat down with a section of newspaper and a small bottle of wine. I tried to keep the midges off me and was only partially successful. Oh well! Comes with the territory. And then I made dinner! And then I drank some tea and did a chore. My Calvinist work ethic had come with me. I had brought some knee pads that needed repair. Caving season has started again! And around me, evening fell, with beautiful evening light. And with the light the midges vanished

Then it was dark and I went to bed. That was lovely! And I woke up at six. And got up to make my breakfast. I love having breakfast in some empty valley! And before 7:30 I was on my way. Not all creatures of the night were gone then! A big fox darted away from me. By 8 AM I reached the sunshine. And by 9 I was sitting on Carnedd Gwenllian. And by noon I was home! Time for more chores. It had been a great little trip! It wasn't big but it had been immersive. I'm glad I went! 

I'm on my way!

The first look into the valley

Pitched and ready!

Pic taken on Llwytmor: from there you see the other Snowdonian peaks in the distance

Such a nice waterfall it triggered another tea break

Not just a pretty waterfall: notice the airplane engine in the foreground

Wine O'clock!

Bonus: the setting sun has a halo

Night falls

Looking back on the Llwytmors from Carnedd Gwenllian

Gwenllian selfie

And then Bethesda appears again in the distance!

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