21 September 2020

Seeing colleagues for the first time since March

The 'teaching and scholarship' team of our school had talked about getting together for months. We have weekly meetings, so we have a lot to talk about, but we only see each other on screen. I had seen the odd colleague socially, but it would be nice getting the whole team together and just chat in person! But that has to happen outdoors, so the weather has to be good, and we are all under pressure so people are always tempted to bail out, and nothing had happened. But then finally one late afternoon we got together for a walk around Church Island. Only four of us made it but it was nice to see them! Two of them I had especially not seen much; one was new; we had hired him in March, which must have been a weird time to start a new job. And another one had gone off on parental leave, so we hadn't seen her for a year, and when she came back she had, of course, come back into a strongly changed workplace, and we still only saw her on a screen. 

It was great weather, it was good to see them, and we even had the bonus of two dogs and a baby! I don't think we did much strategic discussing but it's good to see your colleagues once in a while. I enjoyed it! And when home, I swiftly went back to my office... 

Church Island backlit

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