11 September 2020

Allocation done: success!

When I posted my list of students with their allocated dissertation topic online, I wondered what the reaction would be. A flurry of emails saying 'I didn't choose that topic'? A flurry of emails saying 'why did I not get my first choice?' It can happen! But there was digital silence. That was weird. I had sent out an announcement via the module website, but that may not have had much effect. So the next morning I followed up with an email! And fortunately, it stayed mostly quiet! There was only one student mailing all disappointed that he had been given a topic he didn't want. And he was right! I had been cross-eyed and accidentally given him the next topic on the list. That was easily fixed. And one mistake in 147 students; I don't think that's bad! And nobody was miffed about not getting their first choice. I managed to give 103 of the students their first choice; that's not bad going! 

With the allocation done the big task is now out of the way. I will have to record some lectures, but these don't have to be available until teaching starts. A little bit of time left! So now on to the next big task: Welcome Week... 

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