30 September 2020

Autumn vegetables

I have started tidying up another part of the garden. And I am scared I will have to self-isolate! So I thought I should make sure I have what I need for my garden before teaching would get serious. I might have to stay in my house + garden for two weeks, so I'd have time to garden, and then it would be frustrating to not have any materials! So when I had to go to Bangor anyway one day, I popped by the garden centre to buy a few more plants. And some sticks for my peas. And I saw they had a display with vegetable seedlings they said were ideal for autumn planting. I couldn't resist! I bought a tray of 'winter peas' (no, me neither) and one with cauliflower. I knew the peas would be fine. I wasn't sure about the cauliflower! Maybe the slugs would get it. And a tray has many plants, and if all the cauliflowers would do well I'd be drowning in the stuff, but well, a whole summer of experience with trying to grow vegetables makes me very un-afraid of overproductivity.  

It was a struggle to find space for all the peas! I had underestimated how many seedlings they can stuff into one tray. But with some effort I managed to place them somewhere. A few will probably be killed by the neighbourhood cats. 

After a few days it looked like all seedlings (except one rather eaten cauliflower plant) were happy in their new surroundings! And I added the rhubarb plant I inherited from Suzie. And now I'll wait and see how things develop! 

Cauliflower seedlings with winter peas in the background 

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