18 September 2020

Mixing social and professional on Llanddwyn

I hadn't seen my friend and colleague Suzie for a while! So it was time to do something about that. The weekend in which we would sort that happened to have good weather. So we decided to go for a walk! And if we walk anyway, we could just as well combine the pleasant with the useful and use one of the sites we use for our fieldwork module as the backdrop. Our next trip coming up would be on Llanddwyn, which is gorgeous, so even though we weren't sure we would even be on that trip we decided to go there. The thing is that we oldies are at much more risk from COVID than (most of the) the students so the university doesn't like gratuitous staff involved in in-person teaching. If we can do it with two people we should! But we hadn't divided the trips up yet. But well, a trip to Llanddwyn is always nice. And it's quite close for Suzie. 

We met at the car park. She had her three-year-old with her. I wasn't sure we'd make it all the way to the end of the peninsula; it's a bit of a trek on short legs! But we set off. And it went well! We looked at the first outcrop. Then got a bit distracted and passed two on our way to outcrop four. And we had lunch at outcrop five at the far end of the peninsula! We did the rocks we had skipped on the way in on the way out. Sometimes you need to look for the interesting things all over again because you forgot where exactly they are! But we had covered it all. And on insistence of the little kid we did some larking around the ruin of Dwynwen's church. 

On the way back the kid needed to be carried. He was tired! But that was expected. It was really good to see them, and good too reminding ourselves of the geology again! And a bit of silliness with a church backdrop is just fun... 

Llanddwyn from the beach

The famous beach of Llanddwyn, with the old lighthouse

Carrying the kid to church

The church in question

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