22 September 2020

More tidying up: to the recycling centre

The garage was starting to look good! But there was quite some stuff in it that should be thrown away. There  was a lot of terracotta from my tidying up the front of the house, a lot of metal from various sources, and three bags of soot that had come out of a ventilation channel. And in spring, the river had brought a twisted drying rack that was not doing anything for the good looks of the riverbank. I figured it was time to book a slot at the recycling centre. You can! So I did. 

I soon had three recycling boxes ready. And I had initially just left the drying rack where it was, as we were in lockdown. But the time had come to retrieve that! Ready for a first chucking mission in many months...

Waste ready to be got rid of

When I got there I had an unpleasant surprise; the rubble container was not in use! So my biggest box had to stay full and would come back with me. The rest I got rid of. It did make a difference but I'll have to go back one day! And just hope I can lose my rubble then... 

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