06 September 2020

Easy, but possibly ineffective, knotweed campaign

You need to inject knotweed after it's flowered! So I figured the time was coming nigh for this year's killing spree. And then Storm Francis hit. And the river became violent! It ripped so much vegetation out of the riverbank. And ripped so much foliage off whatever it couldn't rip out entirely. And I figured I should go in and do my poison round. One reason being you need to go in before the actual plant dies off and only the roots keep living, and I figured much of what was on the riverbank was on the brink of death; secondly; now it was easy as there was very little vegetation to stomp through. Quite unlike the previous year. My efforts in keeping the vegetation under control this year had been in vain. A flood does that better!

After my Bank Holiday Walk I filled my injector with poison and set to work. And getting to the knotweed was easy. Nothing in the way! But would it work, after the storm had battered the plants so much? And would I recognise all the knotweed now most didn't have any leaves anymore? I did my best and was done quite soon. I can only wait and see what comes up next year! 

The rather barren river bank! 

Strange roots from some other plant

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