09 September 2020

Buying new clothes

When your life changes, you change. When lockdown happened, a lot of my habits changed. And that included my eating patterns. And that resulted in weight loss. My weight fluctuates like the clappers of course, because I drink so much water, but a sufficiently long data series with sufficiently consistent measuring will reveal trends anyway. And it does! I lost some 10% of my body weight since the start of lockdown. And that is so much I have started to buy new trousers. I know with a belt you can keep trousers of many sizes up, but at some point it starts feeling silly. So I have now bought both a pair of hiking trousers and a pair of shorts in a size 8. The hiking trousers are the same model as a pair I already had, but then smaller. Admittedly, the original trousers had been a bit on the big side from the start! I think I was in between sizes then and rounded up rather than down. But anyway; I suppose I should be conservative in my buying; first of all, my weight might either drop even further, or perhaps bounce back to where it was. And second: I rarely have to look presentable, so just wearing large trousers with a belt is not too much of a big deal! 

Before and after

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