23 September 2020

Trying desperately to improve my internet

I thought it was a thing of the past! Typing faster than your computer can keep up. But it's happening to me right now as I type this. It's not as if the computing power is not enough. The issue is that this text is saving onto the cloud all the time! And that takes bandwidth. And I don't have much. So then the computer can't keep up, and misses bits if I type while it's synchronising. It's a pain! I had already bought a wifi booster, but now I have also bought a powerline set. You know, the sort of gizmo that routes your internet through the electricity cables. Or something. Installing it is easy! But it didn't make the difference I had hoped. Although I must admit I haven't had the 'yellow triangle of death' in Teams anymore. I will have to see how it goes. If the triangle of death doesn't come back it has been worth it! And it hasn't for a while now... so result. Even though the issues with slow response have remained. One tries! Soon we need to do live sessions with the students and my signal should be as good as it can be... 

The extender in my office

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