07 September 2020

Pragmatic apple pie

When I eat an apple, I eat everything except the pips and the stem. Works fine! So when I had a pile of salvaged apples, the idea of making a pie with them, and not an overabundance of time, I decided to make a pie with the same concept. If you don’t peel the apples you save a lot of time! So that's what I did. 

The bread machine made the dough while I quickly chopped up the apples. In no time I had a pie together! And it baked a bit fast (it’s on the dark side) but after trying it I think that for lockdown pie, I will stick with this concept! If the world changes so that pies are likely to be shared again, I will probably go back to the traditional method, with peeling the apples and removing the core and all. But as it is, I have a quick and lovely pie from apples that would otherwise probably have become compost! A triple win! 

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