25 September 2020

Still more chaos fighting in the garden

I had made a good start in the garden last week! But there was more to do. I had decided to tame all the chaos in that part of the garden. I had got to a shrub last time; this time I chopped said shrub back a fair bit more. And then pulled out everything between the shrub and the raised bed with the apple tree in. Then I pondered a bit and decided to make the raised bed I had tidied up the last time run past the shrub, but not much further. I could demarcate it with rocks from the riverbank. And between the beds I would sow grass. And I decided to take out everything except the apple tree out of the apple tree bed. And then I would need some ground covering plants for the newly exposed space. 

I managed the rocks, but not much more. I did get to the garden centre and got some plants. But then other activities required my attention! So now the rock-demarcated raised bed is OK for now. The bit that will be grass needs to be levelled. It's much higher than the lawn! I figured I could just temporarily put the excess soil in the adjacent raised beds. I'm sure it will get depleted soon! My potted plants require a lot of the stuff. and only after the levelling can I sow the grass. And the plants need planting, and I did some clearing of the apple tree raised bed but not all. So this project is still very much in progress! Stay tuned... 

Jungle mostly cleared!

Not finished...

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