24 September 2020

Support local craftspeople

In a clumsy mood I had dropped a small plate. And these are good for lunch! If you just have a sandwich you don’t need a full-size plate. And small plates sometimes come in handy if you put your plants in such big pots you don’t have anything to put said pot onto. So I thought I should buy a few replacements. And normally I would go to the charity shop, but this time I decided to go to the nearby pottery shop. 

I had been wondering about this shop. How would Bethesda be big enough to sustain a pottery shop? But well, it managed. And I decided to get my plates there. And some mugs while I was at it. Not that I lack mugs, but they’re just beautiful! 

When I came in they had just run out of plates and mugs and were preparing a new batch of the former. That meant I could choose my design! The plates would take a bit longer, but for these I also gave my preferences. And a few days later the potter waved frantically at me through the window; the mugs were ready! So now I have my hot drinks in mugs made within 100m of my house. That’s lovely! And I look forward to my plates...

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