26 September 2020

Cake in the garden

It's been legal to hang out with several households for weeks now! I personally haven't taken advantage of that much. We had been on a three people walk. That's it! But it was time to enjoy it a bit more. Suzie had invited both me and Martin and Fran from up on the hill over for tea and cake. And it would be a great day for it! 

In the morning I baked another apple pie. Some of it was 'Storm Ellen' apples, and some of it was from my own tree. And in the afternoon I went north! And we spent the afternoon in the garden, drinking buckets of tea and eating the apple pie (which fell apart like the clappers, oh dear, it looked good before I stuck a knife in) and Suzie's brownies. It was good! I hadn't seen Martin and Fran since the rather chilly night in my garden. And now I managed most of the time in a tank top, shorts and sandals. 

When we left we didn't leave empty-handed; Suzie (and/or her husband) is amazing at growing food, and she had more rhubarb than you can shake a stick at. We both left with an entire plant! 

Doing things like this will soon become more difficult as the weather will get colder and the days shorter. It's good to enjoy this sort of stuff while we can! 

Unclear picture of Suzie’s cat on my car

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