27 August 2020

Warm weather plants happy

When I write this the weather is decidedly autumnal! Bit we had some rather warm days a week ago or so. And when it's warm outside, it is warmer in my conservatory. And I have a few plants who seem to really like that. I have two aubergine plants, and two watermelon plants. They grew like the clappers! 

My aubergines had slowly grown to a serious size, but only after a week of warmth did I see flowers open. I now have my two plants in bloom! I hope that will result in aubergines. And the melons had been planted months after the aubergines, but did some serious catching up. They had been about the same size as the kale and the fennel for a while, but when the weather got warm the melons went into overdrive. The fennels are still seedlings but one of the melon plants is now thigh high! 

I hope I can move the kale and the fennel out one day, when they're a bit bigger. The melons will stay put. I don't expect melons, but I like the plants who remind me of a nice meal; I do, however, hope for aubergines. I struggle to imagine slugs liking aubergines as much as they like courgettes, and when they live indoors, they have a lot fewer slugs to contend with! So I have hope! Stay tuned...

The first aubergine flower!


The biggest melon plant

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