08 August 2020

Make the office (and another room) more winter-proof

I know it's August! A bit early to think about winter. But I know I will have to work at home for months to come, and I had felt the wish for more light in my office. And downstairs. So when I accidentally saw a lady on Anglesey selling off loads of her stuff, among which two standing lamps, I saw my chance. I contacted her and the deal was sealed! 

On a Sunday I drove up. And arrived at an empty house! I was a bit disappointed; I had especially asked how early I could arrive and she had basically given me carte blanche; she said she had a small child who would be awake before I would even consider arriving. But she responded to my Facebook message. And we sorted it! I was glad I had brought a newspaper. 

When I was on Anglesey anyway I popped by my friend Suzie. We had coffee in the garden! That was lovely. And she is a LOT better at growing veg than me; so good, in fact, she can't possibly eat it all. So I left with a cauliflower, some cavolo negro, and a lettuce. She would have given me more but there is only a limit as to how much I can eat! That evening I ate cauliflower. 

While I am writing this, the lamp is actually lighting me up! It's nice! I think light is important. Bring on winter... 

The new setup! I know there already is a lamp there but that is so low. I like the ligth from higher up, and a bit more spread around! 

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